Saturday, January 3, 2009

Award from a very very talented lady!

Hi! I just received this award from an extremely talented friend of mine, Tracy. You must go over to her site and see all amazing things she creates! You'll find her extremely inspiring.
Thanks Tracy for the award!

But there are rules to this award, you have to list 5 addictions and 5 of your favorite bloggers. This is very painstaking as I have way too many talented friends to choose from but here are the 1st 5 that came to mind (If Tracy had not sent me this award she would be on this list)...

And my 5 addictions...
1. Lattes...almost any flavor
2. This time of the year, Christmas decorations, but I was very good this year and didn't buy anything new (family members reading this are probably fainting in shock) ;p
3. Crafting!
4. Buying crafting goodies, but amazingly I've been keeping myself at bay to the point that I almost faint when I walk out of a crafting store with only stuff like adhesive and no pretty papers or new exciting tools.
5. FOOD!

Have a great weekend!

Also, like my new background??? Look out for a new header soon as well. :)


DeeDee said...

Awwww, thanks of thinking of me Nikki!!! I'm very proud to receive this award from YOU!!! HUGS!!!

Sharon Caudle said...

Nikki, as one of your biggest fans, I'm so honored to be presented this aware from you! Thank you so much! Loved reading your addictions to! :) Hugs!!

Enfys said...

Like DeeDee and Sharon, I feel very honoured to get this from you, one of my crafting heroes. I do have it on my blog already, but pop over and read my addictions (well, I thought they were funny lol)

Crayola58 said...

Thank you, Nikki, SO MUCH for this award. It meant a lot to me to get this from you because I adore your blog and your talent.

My to do list...

*Become a Project Corner & Spotlight winner on the Cricut™ Chirp Newsletter (or at least a highlighted thread)
*Ongoing Memorial Journal for Morgan
*Scrapbook for my favorite moments at DisneyLand and DisneyWorld (my other obsession, big, big, big Mickey fan!)
*Scrapbook for my trip to Europe
*Scrapbook for the last two years of the kids for my DF's mom and one for his Dad.