Thursday, December 24, 2009


YEAH it's finally finished!!! Well it's been finished for a couple of weeks already but this is the 1st time I've been able to get around to posting anything.

I've done a few projects but forgot take pictures before I gave them away so I can't post them, oh well.

So here's my new crafting station. I finally have my hallway and guest bedroom closets back! ;p

Pretty much most of the goodies you see on the memo boards and two of the wall units were all hiding in the closets that I completely forgot I had. It was like Christmas for me finding all this stuff...

Now let see how clean I can keep it, yeah right!



Crayola58 said...

Nikki, OMG, this is most fantastic. Everything is right there for a grab up, the room is wonderfully designed, decorated and much loved, I am sure.
Hope your holidays will be j ust fantastic.

Regina Easter said...

wowzer girl...i love love love it...merry christmas...

kathj said...

wow it looks great! Happy Christmas and put a picture up when its all messy like mine lol!

DonnaMundinger said...

I'm so JEALOUS!!!!! It is beautiful. I don't think I'd want to craft and mess it up though. LOL Hope you're having a wonderful holiday! xxD

Jaspere said...

My jaw just dropped. Wow!! Wow!! Lots of great work to come from that room.

Scossie Jane said...

What a fantastic workspace Nikki, I have a whole room and it looks nowhere as good as this, must buy me some custom furniture!!!

Happy Holidays Nikki xx

Glee said...

Oh goodness, this space of yours is FABULOUS!

TG said...

OMG Nikki, i so want your room, i'd be in heaven working in there.
Happy new year to you and yours!!!!
Tracy x

Grace of Gracenotes4Today said...

What a beautiful and inviting craftroom. A room like this needs to be shared with a friend or two. My calendar is fairly open. Just saying. LOL

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