Monday, May 5, 2008

OMG OMG OMG!! I've just been featured on Inspirational!!

Hi, I am soooo very excited to tell everyone that I've just been featured on Inspirational which is a blog made up of 18 EXTREMELY talented ladies. They put this site together to "...showcase creations from around the world...that...the team find inspirational."

You should check out Inspirational to see all the other wonderful inspirations!
-Nikki (a very honored person right now!)

BTW, it was for my dad's Over the Hill birthday card.


Barbara Hagerty said...

Hi Nikki! I just saw your card on Inspirational and had to stop by your blog to tell you how wonderful it is!! I left a comment there, too! Bravo!

Marge Robertson said...

Wow; what an honor! Congratulations!!!
I just found your blog through Glee's & your creations are truly inspirational and we can always use a bit of that!


Glee said...

WOW!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations, Nikki! I am absolutely delighted for you! You are so deserving of this special recognition!

You asked on my blog if I was a quilter....I used to be and I miss it so much but old age combined with arthritis in my hands and neck caused me to have to give it all up. I find more and more that I am making up for it with my cards; each one has a "quilted" look about it and I thank you for noticing, my Friend!

Suzanne Vaughan said...

Nikki - You posted on my blog about my bracelets. Yes, I do sell them. You can contact me through my blog if you would like one! I would buy your cards if I didn't already make them too!

Sharon Caudle said...

Wow! How awesome! Congrats to you!! Your work is awesome and you are very deserving!! :)

My to do list...

*Become a Project Corner & Spotlight winner on the Cricut™ Chirp Newsletter (or at least a highlighted thread)
*Ongoing Memorial Journal for Morgan
*Scrapbook for my favorite moments at DisneyLand and DisneyWorld (my other obsession, big, big, big Mickey fan!)
*Scrapbook for my trip to Europe
*Scrapbook for the last two years of the kids for my DF's mom and one for his Dad.